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MAWB Meet Up – October 18th


Christine Hull
Christine Hull


Meadowvale Community Centre
6655 Glen Erin Dr, Mississauga, ON

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Oct 18 2023


9:00 am - 11:30 am



MAWB Meet Up – October 18th

Join us on Wednesday, October 18th for our monthly MAWB Ladies Meet Up for women in business. This will be an in-person held event at the Meadowvale Community Centre, Program Room #1.

The monthly MAWB Meet Up allows you to:

  • connect one-on-one with others to build and nurture relationships,
  • participate in small group breakout sessions where you work through a pre-determined discussion topic with the goal of helping you grow your network with like-minded businesswomen,
  • learn timely and actionable information from one of our community members that will help you move your business forward.


9:00 – 9:30 – Open Networking, Tea, Coffee, Light Refreshments
9:30 am – Welcome & Announcements
9:50 am – Networking Activity
10:15 – 10:45 am – Featured Speaker, Saima Sheikh. She is the Clinical Director, Clinical Thermography Technician, and Breast Health Educator
10:55 – 11:20  am – Networking Activity
11:20 am – Upcoming Meetings and Closing Remarks
11:30 am – Meeting End Time

Registration Fee $22 +HST


Join us for a vital presentation on breast health awareness with our Featured Speaker, Saima Sheikh. She is the Clinical Director, Clinical Thermography Technician, and Breast Health Educator at Thermography Clinic Milton. We are honored to have her share her expertise on breast health, early screening, and self-breast exams.

🔍 Key Topics of Discussion:

1️⃣ Self-Breast Exam Demystified: Learn the correct way to perform a self-breast exam, empowering yourself with crucial knowledge.
2️⃣ Understanding Screening Methods: Explore the differences between mammograms, ultrasounds, and thermograms. Gain insights into their effectiveness and when they are recommended.
3️⃣ Insight into Breast Thermography: Discover what breast thermography is, its applications, and how it complements traditional screening methods.
4️⃣ Who Can Benefit from Thermography: Understand the suitability and advantages of thermography for different individuals.
5️⃣ The Significance of Thermography: Learn why thermography is an essential tool in the early detection of breast health issues.


About our Featured Speaker

Saima Sheikh, Clinical Director, Clinical Thermography Technician, and Breast Health Educator at Thermography Clinic Milton

Saima Sheikh is the Clinic Director of Thermography Clinic Milton Inc. She is a certified Clinical Thermography Technician (CTT) with the Canadian Association of Clinical Thermography and completed her training at the Toronto Thermography Clinic Inc. under the direct training and supervision of Alexander Mostovoy, Board Certified Clinical Thermologist. As part of the women’s health specialist industry, Saima offers women a non-invasive & pain-free technology that detects abnormalities in the body (mainly breasts) in their earliest stages

She is passionate about her journey to wellness, especially breast health, and shares her experiences and knowledge with others as a speaker & breast health educator through workshops at the clinics. Saima has made it her mission to bring this exciting technology to all women,

“What is really exciting to me is that we can change the methods of assessing breast diseases by providing this incredible service offering an early warning (up to 10 years!). As women, we now have a “second line of defense” through breast thermography. I encourage women to take control of their own health, and stop the “wait for a lump” approach.”

About Thermography Clinic Milton

Thermography Clinic Milton offers cutting-edge scans utilizing thermography technology. They provide a range of services, including breast health assessments and the detection of anomalies and infections throughout the body. This non-invasive, radiation-free procedure is safe, painless, and suitable for all ages, offering early disease detection benefits.

Meet Our Business Spotlights

During every MAWB Meet Up, three businesses get the coveted Business Spotlight opportunity. Each of these featured businesses receives a dedicated table to showcase their products and services. Moreover, they have the unique chance to address the entire group, sharing their offerings and expertise during the event. It’s a prime opportunity for these businesses to shine and make meaningful connections within our community. Our 3 Business Spotlights this Meet Up are:

Business Spotlights:
Maria Elena, GTA Psychotherapy
Patricia Pereira, Pachi Handmade Jewelry
Mirella Canavan, Canavan Real Estate Group

Special Fundraiser Alert

Join us in our heartfelt initiative: We’re gathering jars of peanut butter for donation to The Compass Food Bank & Outreach Centre. Our goal is to collect 50 jars of this nutritious staple. As a token of our gratitude, receive a $5 Off Coupon for your next MAWB Meet Up when you make a donation!

“The Compass serves more than 1,900 individuals every week with 1 in 3 of those being a child 17 and under. In August of 2022, we served 731 households a week versus 1,193 households in August of 2023. This year versus last year, The Compass is distributing an additional 21,000 lbs. of food each month to the community. The number of double-income families using The Compass has increased by 63%, this year over last.” ~ Melinda Prain, Communications and Fundraising Manager at The Compass Foodbank and Outreach Centre

Let’s spread kindness and make a difference together.

Sold out!

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