The Brand Experience, with Natasha Wright

  • April 27, 2019
  • Xanthe LeBlanc

Natasha Wright ( is a Web Performance Specialist. This means she is a Social Media Manager, an SEO specialist, and she can help you manage your brand personality on the internet.

Her presentation focussed on how branding consists of so many parts. It’s not just your name, logo, and colours, it’s also about the environment, your products and services, your customer’s experience, and who you are—how you portray yourself and how you’re perceived. These days the marketplace is more driven by the consumer due to social media. Feedback is more immediate, both praise and complaints, and part of your branding is how you react to this feedback.

Remember, as an entrepreneur you are your branding. You use your image to promote yourself on your business cards, and your Social Media. You use colours that reflect your personality and

Your business to project an image your customers can relate to. Natasha provides so much valuable information, I can’t begin to communicate it in a short blog post, so please, reached out to Natasha Wright for a coffee date soon, and absorb everything she has to impart.

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