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MAWB January Book Club


Jan 18 2022


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm



MAWB January Book Club – The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth – Jan 18: Laws 1 & 2

Have you ever wondered how you can reach your full potential? In “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”, John Maxwell lays out 15 laws to help you become all you can be.

The following are the Invaluable Laws of Growth we will be covering:

1.  The Law of Intentionality

You don’t just grow “accidentally”, you must be intentional and deliberate about it.

2.  The Law of Awareness

You cannot improve if you don’t know yourself: where you stand and where you need to work the most. The law of awareness says that the more you know yourself, the more you can grow.

3.  The Law of the Mirror

To effectively work on yourself, you must first believe you are worth the effort.
That means getting rid of limiting self beliefs and developing a high self esteem.

Similar to what Don Ruiz says in The Four Agreements, Maxwell proposes that you only use yourself as a paragon. Don’t compare yourself to others.

4.  The Law of Reflection

Do take and schedule time to reflect on yourself, your lessons learned and your next steps.

5.  The Law of Consistency

What will really make you grow in the long run is consistency.

Start small. The author says most people don’t even show up and it’s very easy to beat them. Start there, by showing up: that’s your 80%.

6.  The Law of Environment

The people and the environment around you are major contributors (or detractors) of your growth.

Make sure the people and the environment around you are not pulling you down but helping you up.

7.  The Law of Design

You must look at self growth seriously. Look at it as a mission and design your plans to make it happen. No plans is planning to fail.

Our 5 Week SCHEDULE:

Week 1 Jan 11: Welcome and Introductions, discuss Book overview and reading schedule
Week 2 Jan 18: Laws 1 & 2 (Intentionality and Awareness)
Week 3: Jan 25: Laws 3 & 6 (Mirror and Environment)
Week 4: Feb 1: Law 7: (Design)
Week 5: Feb 8: Laws 4 & 5 (Reflection and Consistency), Wrap up and Action plan discussion

About our Facilitator: Glynis D’Souza

Glynis is a leadership trainer and coach who is passionate about helping individuals and teams discover and grow their business results. She leads people to discover, maximize, and lead with their inner strengths while offering advanced strategies to achieve higher levels of performance.

Learn more about Glynis here.

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