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Five Unexpected Ways to Make More Sales – Stop Hiding! People Buy from People they Like

Stop Hiding People Buy from People they Like 1

Stop Hiding! People Buy from People they Like

When customers make a decision to buy, they go on a journey that looks something like this: 

  • Identifying a need
  • Evaluating the options
  • Making a choice

You may have very little to do with them discovering what they need, and ultimately you may not change their minds when they make the final choice, but you have a ton of opportunity to influence them when they are evaluating their options. 

When potential customers are exploring their options a lot of things can influence them, one of the biggest influences can be their personal connection to a brand. When customers can relate to a brand or simply like the business, they tend to choose them over other similar businesses. 

Being Yourself Attracts Your Audience

You’ve heard the term ‘like attracts like’ That’s because familiarity feels comfortable. As your brand’s ambassador, the truer you are to yourself the more authentic your brand will feel. If you own a coffee shop and love fishing, sharing your passion for trout may be the thing that sets your coffee shop apart and boosts sales. 

Hiding your true self from your tribe could lead to missed opportunities to connect and build the important know, like, and trust factor. 

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." ~ Oscar Wilde

What You Hide Could be Gold 

Sometimes the aspects of ourselves that seem irrelevant to our business can be the very thing that draws people in. Hiding yourself from your customers can come across as aloof, avoidant, or uninterested. Sometimes, showcasing the elements of yourself that are unique and seem unrelated to your business are the missing links to more engagement and ultimately more sales. What you’re hiding could be the gold. 

Use these tips to share more of yourself with your tribe

  • Tip: Be social on social media- Recycling memes or sharing infographics is boring. Use your social media to showcase yourself as well as your business. Find ways to intertwine your on and off-duty persona and allow others to get a good feel for who you are and what you stand for. 
  • Tip: Email as if you’re writing to a friend- Use your email as a way to make personal connections. Thinking of your customers in a friendly way can help break down the wall of professionalism which can be downright boring. Imagine you’re connecting with a trusted friend or relative and write content that is appropriately personal and inviting. 
  • Tip: Choose your focus- You don’t have to live a fully transparent life to be seen and liked by your customers. Choose an area of life you feel comfortable sharing and regularly offer a behind-the-scenes all-access pass. If you’re a new parent, bring your tribe along for the ride. If you’re balancing work and a life-long passion for sailing, meld the two together. 

You may think you’ve got to keep a strong boundary between your on and off-duty life, but as a business owner the two are often one in the same. Stop hiding and allow others to see who you are as a well rounded person and they will learn to love you… and your brand, even more!   

"Boundaries are essential so you know where you being and end. Boundaries are also flexible for continuous growth." 
~ Carolyn Riker, LMHC

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We’d love to hear which tip you will implement first. Share in the comments below.

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