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Spring Into Action for Spring

Welcome, you incredible MAWBsters, to the new, semi-monthly MAWBBlog!  Each month I will be recapping the monthly Meet Ups, both morning and evening, as well as some of the other in-person MAWB events, for all the members who are unable to attend.  While the facebook group is incredibly active (more about that later), sometimes life and other obligations make it hard to get out to the events. This blog is meant to keep everyone involved, virtually.

MAWB Meet Up April 2019 - Group pictiure.

Welcome To The MAWB!

The MAWB is Mississauga and Area Women in Business, a networking group for women entrepreneurs from Mississauga and the surrounding communities. Whether you’re a solopreneur, an employee of a larger organization looking to expand your network, or someone with an MLM as a side hustle or your main source of income, MAWBsters, as we refer to ourselves, come together to support and encourage each other, share ideas, and foster real relationships amongst members.  Occasionally we come together to support the larger community as well. This month we once again called upon our members to help support The Compass, a Mississauga food bank located in the Port Credit area.  Past efforts have included donating handbags filled with necessities for Mother’s Day, a backpack drive for back-to-school (and I have to give us props—our goal was to donate 50 backpacks full of school supplies and we delivered 93!  Do you feel the love?!), and this time we did a food drive to refill their sorely depleted shelves. All tolled, we had over 250 food items donated and it filled the van belonging to MAWBster Jamie Grant, who graciously spearheaded this effort.  To learn more about Jamie and her business, check out her website,

Food Drive Donations to be delivered to the Compass Food Bank in south Mississauga. Thank you to Jamie Grant and her daughter for delivering the items.
Food Drive Donations for the Compass Food Bank (

Chatty Bunch

Most of the activity between members takes place online through the MAWB Facebook Group.  And what activity there is! Our intrepid MAWBBoss, Christine Hull, took us through the Group’s metrics for the past four weeks.  Membership is now pushing 1500, a considerable increase from it’s humble beginnings just over a year ago, and we had an almost 85% participation rate from our members over the last month, with over 18k reactions and comments within the Group.  This is what women supporting women looks like, ladies! Friendships forged, ideas shared, expertise provided, and as a result, business transacted.

Viva España!

Our food sponsor for the meeting this month was Nair LaCruz.  Veteran MAWBsters know Nair from her Park Lane jewellery business, but she has recently branched out to provide authentic Spanish catering services.  Today she prepared, for our dining pleasure, Empanadas, Frittata, and Leche Frita (I hope I spelled all of that correctly). I couldn’t try everything, but from the sounds of delight from around the room, it was all delicious!  One of the services she offers is coming to your home and creating an immersive, authentic Spanish dining experience for you and seven guests. IN YOUR HOUSE!!! Now I’m envisioning a paella party and trying to figure out which 6 lucky people get to come.  I’m also thinking I need to record this and post it to my blog. Nair and I need a coffee date, obviously. We have some planning to do! If you want to know more about Nair and her business, check out her Facebook Page, Nair’s Spanish food experience.

Name: Nair Lacruz
Title: Personal Chef, Spanish Cuisine
Biz Name: Nair’s Spanish Food Experience
Phone: (905) 515-6768
Facebook Page:

What’s Up?

While a lot of MAWB Activity takes place online, with the daily postings from our lovely and talented Admin, Laura Plummer, and also from our many members posting selfies from coffee dates, requests for recommendations, or just sharing their lives, we have several activities each month so we can meet face to face with the names we see on-screen.  Information about upcoming events can be found in the Events tab of the Facebook page, but here are some highlights:

  • MAWB Evening Meet Up, March 28
  • MAWB April Daytime Meetup, April 10
  • April Social Evening, Healing Bracelet Workshop, April 15

Please be aware that space is limited for these activities and they’ve been filling up fast, so make sure you pay and register early to reserve your spot.  And, not to forget, we have our brilliant, inspiring, and entertaining BIG DEAL EVENT upcoming…


The weekend of April 26, 27, and 28, we have the inaugural MAWB Retreat at Clonmel Castle in Port Dover.  We will be having group activities and breakout sessions, with 24 MAWBsters hosting workshops for business education, self-improvement, and self-care.  Thank you so much to our outstanding planning committee, Donna Smith-Major, Amber Schmitt Dinda, Carrie Whiteduck, Farrah Murray Sneyd, and, of course, Christine Hull.  I am looking forward to the activities, the food, the drink, and the companionship. I will be blogging the weekend for all of you who can’t be there. I think we should start planning the next one now.  What do you all think?

retreat planning 01

Scholastic Book Club for Grown Ups

Sadaf Khalid Palijo presented a new, offshoot Group of the MAWB—a Book Club!  It’s very exciting. The goal is to read a book each month and have discussions online and in-person about what we have read.  It will focus on books that will help us be our best selves, as women, parents, partners, and entrepreneurs. Face it—we all want to read these books but how often do we make time for them?  The weekly questions on the page, moderated by Sadaf and Patricia Guerra, will hold us accountable to the group to do our homework, but it will also spark discussion and interaction with other members you may not have had the chance to “meet” yet.  It’s win/win. Plus, you’re under no obligation to read the Book of the Month if it doesn’t speak to you, just because you’re in the Club. So maybe consider giving it a try. If you have any questions, please contact Sadaf or Patricia via Messenger. To join the Book Club Facebook group, click here:

Spring Into Action!

Our speaker this month was Gina Bello, from Hand, Heart, and Sole.  She started off by saying, “You’re only ever one decision away from a completely different life.”   Life, she says, is a road that twists and turns. The trick is to learn how to take control. As we go through life, stuff happens that makes you want to go back to a better time.  That wanting to go backwards is what leaves you stuck and unable to make decisions. Her presentation showed us the roadmap we need to recognize the obstacles in our path, make adjustments to our plan to get around them, and then be comfortable with our new normal.  Essentially, knowing that when you are grateful for your journey, you have learned your lesson. I have so oversimplified the essence of Gina’s presentation, but I highly recommend you contact her for a coffee date to learn more about what she does. Gina is trained in many alternative healing modalities and has a lot of wisdom to share.  On top of that, she is a genuinely lovely person, and you will be glad to have shared some time with her.

The Gauntlet is Thrown

As the meeting wound down, Christine offered a challenge to the group:  Set up a coffee date with someone in the room before you leave the room, then take a selfie with your date and post it.  Well, challenge accepted and met, Christine! I had three coffee dates by the time I left that room. I am looking forward to meeting with: Alyson Scott, from Maiid to Shiine (not kidding—so excited!—she is cleaning my house!!!); Lynsey Denham, to learn more about her Bach Flower Remedies in advance of the Evening Meetup; and Jennifer Mariuz Hook, to mall Walk and Talk, and and get the low-down on essential oils.  

It was another great meeting, and I hope I have imparted the spirit in the room to you.  Does anyone have any selfies to share from their coffee dates or takeaways from Gina’s presentation?  And for those of you who couldn’t make it, I encourage you to register early for one of the meetups so you can reserve your spot, or make a coffee date with one of the terrific women I have mentioned in the blog. It’s time. Spring into action!


To view more photos from the March 20, 2019 MAWB Meet Up, click here:

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