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More than just headshots: How to boost your marketing through personal brand photography

More than just headshots:

How to boost your marketing through personal brand photography

Are you heading into the new year with a business plan? Make sure to account for professional photography in your marketing budget. Personal brand photography is not just a trendy name for headshots. It is a powerful tool that helps you build trust and credibility, attract new customers, and increase your sales bringing your business to a whole new level.

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What your headshot can and cannot do?

Whether you’re looking to update your LinkedIn profile headshot or to have a collection of custom images for multiple marketing mediums, you need a photographer who will take care to get to know you and your business.

A great business headshot is a straight-forward up-to-date capture of your face. Consider it your virtual handshake. (According to LinkedIn, a professional profile photo makes the audience 14 times more likely to view your profile!)

Personal brand photography is a versatile library of unique on-brand images that shows your personality and tells your story. This is where you can truly shine and stand out, instantly making people feel that they know, like, and trust you.

Your headshot can help people recognise you in real life strengthening the bonds of familiarity, while personal brand photography has the power to turn strangers into your clients and passionate ambassadors of your brand.

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Marketing strategy and intention behind your brand photography 

While capturing your essence and uniqueness, your portraits must be consistent with your marketing goals. Where, how, when and with what purpose you will use your portraits will define the way you will be photographed. The planning stage of your photo session is critical in setting the intention and creating a must-have shot list. Personal brand photography done right is not just visually pleasing images, but it’s a strategic plan of why, where and how you would put your images to use. It is important to have a clear agreement on the message you want to send out into the world. Your photographer will adjust to your vision and business goals, give you marketing ideas, point out the gaps and suggest solutions. It’s helpful to select your images together with your photographer: while you see and like yourself in a certain way, your photographer can share their perspective while keeping in mind your business and marketing goals you discussed upfront. 

By investing in personal brand photography, you’ll have a custom library of professional, on-brand images at a hand’s reach with the peace of mind that they will be effective and relevant for your goals.

Marketing strategy and intention behind your brand photography 

Using your brand photography in your marketing

Photos do a much better job of grabbing attention, conveying emotion, and selling than words. And it’s no surprise, since according to research, 93% of human communication is visual. Social media posts with photos get 53% more engagement, and web pages with images draw 94% more views than their verbal counterparts.

For service-based business owners the struggle of constantly coming up with visual illustration of their content is all too familiar. But product-based businesses and visual artists learned that showing their faces behind their brands injects a huge amount of personality into their online presence. People do business with people, and putting yourself into the spotlight makes you approachable and easier for your audience to connect with.

Here are just some ideas of where you could use your personal brand images:

  • Website main page, “About me” page, Service pages
  • Social media profile photos – Facebook, Linked, Twitter, Instagram (here go your headshots!)
  • Email signature
  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube cover photos
  • Presentations
  • Webinars
  • Digital flyers & printed brochures
  • Car wraps
  • Billboard
  • Book covers & dust jacket images
  • Magazine features

Using your brand photography in your marketing

Professional photography shows that you care

First impressions matter whether we want to admit it or not. A consistent visual identity across your marketing assets builds authority and trust. You want your target audience and current clientele to recognize you at a glance and keep you top of mind.  

Investing in your visual brand beyond just headshots shows your prospects and potential clients that you value your own business. By showing care for your own brand, you reassure your clients that you will look after their brand and business with similar care and attention.

Professional photography shows that you care


Great portraits of yourself give you confidence

Photography services are perfectly eligible to be claimed as a business expense. But there is so much more than monetary value behind it.

Nothing can be more personal than your own face, and we all have a lot of feelings about the way we look. We see ourselves in a certain way, and no wonder that we have reservations about other people – photographers no exception – seeing us differently. My approach is creating portraits that YOU will love, which results from combining your self-perception with my creativity.

And the best part is that while you’re pampered with professional hair and makeup, looking and feeling gorgeous, you can expand your session to other genres. So even if you came to the studio to just update your LinkedIn headshot, why not to dream big? Couple portraits, family, glam, or even boudoir – every woman wants to feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. And the magic of photography is in boosting not only your sales, but also your confidence.

Great portraits of yourself give you confidence

Let’s plan your dream photo shoot!

Thinking of booking a family photoshoot? Want to explore options for your personal brand session? Interested in getting a quote?

Tell me all about what you have in mind! Once I know what you’re looking for, I’ll be able to offer products and services that are perfect for you. 

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