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Meet Kandice, Meal Planning Whiz

Kandice-Lee Doucette is fired up about food. She’s a meal planning and prep coach who helps busy people discover easy weekly meal plans, eat clean, and create a whole week of meals for their families in just one hour a week. She wants to help you never wonder, “What’s for dinner?” again.

MAWB Kandice

Kandice lived with the ups and downs of chronic migraines for most of her life. As the years went by the migraines continued to the point where she didn’t know what it was like to not be in pain. She was exhausted and tired of dealing with weight issues. This took her on a downward spiral of being anti-social and just plain mad at the world. 

So, she set out to find a better way. What she discovered was that the food you eat is the most important part of your life. She found that eating whole, nutritious food will not only nourish your body but your mind and soul as well! 

The better she ate, the better she felt inside and out. Kandice realized it’s not about being thin or fat, it is about loving yourself for who you are at that moment. 

Now that she knows the difference that meal planning and prep can make to your life, she can’t help but share it. Kandice supports the clean eating journeys of others through meal planning and prep coaching and “Done-For-You” Meal Plans to help you manage your food in a way that fits your life AND your budget. 

Kandice found that trying to create healthy, balanced meals by grabbing food on the go simply didn’t work. Using her project management background, she re-trained her habits and committed to meal planning and prep.

This journey has helped her find a powerful tool: Epicure clean eating products. Epicure is a spice and seasoning company that sells direct to consumers through its network of consultants in Canada and the US. The company was founded by Canadian, Sylvie Rochette, in 1997 because she wanted to share clean eating solutions she had created for her own family. The company creates meal solutions that go from raw to done in 30 minutes or less – all you do is provide the fresh ingredients.

Today, Kandice is migraine free and she is passionately dedicated to sharing how just a couple of hours a week can save you time, money, and create grab-and-go foods that still allow you and your family to be the healthiest version of yourselves.

Kandice enjoys teaching people about connection. Through our food, we connect to our bodies, to ourselves, to our community, and to our family. Taking time to meal plan in a mindful way creates ease and flow in our lives that frees up our energies to connect better in every part of our lives. Eating clean and powering up our bodies with delicious food that is fresh and good for us creates more energy within us to be able to share our best selves with the world. Simply put, the better you eat, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more you can connect. For Kandice, it’s not about your weight or eating on a strict plan. It’s about loving who you are right now and making food choices to support the active, thriving live you want.

Kandice invites you to play with your food in the best way possible. Discover what you like to eat, how you like to eat it, and what the best, easiest way to prepare that food is. She offers one-on-one meal planning and prep coaching in addition to done-for-you meal plans focused on getting a meal to your table in 30 minutes or less.

List of Services

  1. Personalized (Virtual) Cooking Classes and Workshops 
  2. Take Control of Your Kitchen Bundle (1 hour consultation, guides, and personalized recipes) 
  3. Meal Planning & Prep Custom Coaching – 6 weeks of coaching and consultation

Connect with Kandice

Kandice-Lee Doucette, Meal Prep Whiz 
Independent Epicure VIP Consultant 

You can also check her out on YouTube

Join us for a Free Online Class – Meal Planning for Busy Entrepreneurs

MAWB Kandice Fired Up

Join Kandice to learn more about making clean eating practical for you and your family. During this free 30-minute class, we’ll learn:

  • How to begin a new habit of meal planning and prep quickly and easily
  • Creating meals for your whole family with less stress and waste
  • Saving time and money by planning a week of meals and snacks
  • Practical tips and tricks you can only learn from a Meal Plan Wiz!

Each participant will receive a guide to meal planning and a weekly meal plan template.

Discover how adding action to your goal of meal planning and prep will bring more self-love and ease into your kitchen.  Register for the free online class here.

Download one of Kandice’s favourite Epicure recipes, Earth Bowl Noodle Bowl

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