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MAWB’s Peanut Butter Food Drive for The Compass Food Bank

In October 2018, the MAWB community came together for a Peanut Butter Food Drive for The Compass Food Bank. Our mission was to collect 50 jars of peanut butter for The Compass Food Bank in south Mississauga. We did not hit our 50 jar goal but our collective efforts resulted in a heartwarming donation of 90 pounds of this protein-packed goodness.

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A Triumph for the Community: The MAWB Peanut Butter Food Drive wasn’t just about jars of creamy or crunchy—it was a testament to the generosity and compassion that defines our community. Together, we continue to support those in need.

MAWB's Peanut Butter Food Drive for The Compass Food Bank

Supporting The Compass Food Bank: Melinda Prain, Communications and Fundraising Manager from The Compass Food Bank and Outreach Centre, shared some eye-opening statistics that emphasized the urgency of our contributions. The Compass serves over 1,900 individuals weekly, with a significant portion being children. In August 2022, 731 households sought assistance per week, increasing to 1,193 households in August 2023. The Compass is distributing an additional 21,000 lbs. of food each month compared to the previous year, highlighting the escalating need in the community. The number of double-income families seeking support has risen by a staggering 63%.

About The Compass Food Bank: The Compass is a vital resource, providing essential support to thousands in Mississauga. Their commitment to alleviating hunger is reflected in the breadth of their services. As the demand continues to rise, The Compass invites individuals to contribute in various ways. Donations can be made directly through their website, and volunteering is another impactful way to support the cause.

How You Can Help: To contribute to The Compass Food Bank, consider making a financial donation on their website. Every dollar counts and helps them stretch their resources to serve more individuals and families. Volunteering your time is equally valuable. The Compass welcomes community members to join their team of dedicated volunteers. Your support can make a tangible difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity.

Conclusion: The success of the Peanut Butter Food Drive exemplifies the power of community when it rallies behind a cause. As we reflect on this accomplishment, let’s renew our commitment to making a positive impact. Together, we can continue to support organizations like The Compass and spread joy to those who need it most. Thank you, MAWBsters!

MAWB's Peanut Butter Food Drive for The Compass Food Bank

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