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How to Control Entrepreneurial Anxiety


Do you know how to control Entrepreneurial Anxiety?  How do you even know if you have Entrepreneurial Anxiety? Here are some clues: quick to anger, indecisive, depressed, lethargic, stressed, and sometimes you just aren’t too nice to be around. 


Owning a business, be it just starting out or you’ve been at it for several years, has the ability to turn your life upside down. You can’t focus on anything for more than a very short while and where is that getting you? 

Running in circles hasn’t been productive, has it? 

STOP, take a deep belly breath and read on as you let it out. 

Do you know what essential oils have to do with you having entrepreneurial anxiety? A whole huge lot! 

Many years ago, I was taught how to meditate by a hHeart sSurgeon. No heart issues here. I suffered from entrepreneurial anxiety. My fight or flight kept taking the wrong runway and I was a total mess. Divorce, a new city, and then landed in a position with a corporation that had just opened a new division. I’d been working temp at a satellite office and my manager told Head Office he had just the woman to fill this brand new position. They didn’t even interview me! 

I’d be in boardroom meetings and not hear a word because of my anxiety. The door was closed. I was trapped. Yes, that fight or flight just wanted out of there. 

I discovered a book that talked about anxiety and a particular essential oil. First time I’d heard about essential oils. Bought the book and the oil and that was the beginning of my journey to slowing down the entrepreneurial anxiety. 

I started on the oil and did a meditation sniffing it that night.

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I discovered a trick. I had long hair, so I took 1 drop of the oil and rubbed it into the hair at the back of my neck. It didn’t look unusual for a woman with long hair to shake her head or flip her hair back. The scent would wrap around me and as I breathed it in, I’d relax. You can carry a bottle of oil or use a special stone on a bracelet to absorb. 

We have a memory bank connected to our Olfactory Bulb. Olfaction is our sense of smell. The odours go up our nostrils to the Olfactory Bulb then on to the limbic system which includes the amygdala and the hippocampus. These are the parts of our brain that relate to emotions and memory. 

What happened to me is I trained my Limbic system to relate the aroma of this essential oil to relaxation time. When I shook my head of hair and could smell the oil my body relaxed. 

There are times we don’t even realize that we are wound up like a top until it hits home that we haven’t finished a thing we set out to do. Yes, a ToDo list is very helpful, but a To Me Time is even more helpful. 

Here are some oils that help you when you are stressed out. I prefer grounding oils like Vetiver, Patchouli, Lavender, Frankincense and Cedarwood. My magical oil is YlangYlang

Pick one oil and do a meditation while you sniff it, you will get to relax. Set it up as meetings on your calendar. The reminder comes up and if you must, excuse yourself to the lady’s room and just sniff away. 

Here’s to less entrepreneurial anxiety, more productivity, and to staying on track.

Love, Grace and Gratitude 



Colleen Lowe

Colleen Lowe, Owner of Enfleurage Organics, has been involved with essential oils for more than 25 years. She completed a 3 year Diploma Program in Essential Oils at Sheridan College in the ‘90s. She has since worked for an essential oil lab in the UK, taught both here and in the Channel Islands, UK and studied all 4 Levels of Aromatic Kinesiology. She converted her soap business to organic products after recovering from her 2 year journey through Cancer.




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