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Daily Routines of Successful Women in Business

If you want to become a more successful woman in business daily routines can help. Just look at some of the most successful people in the world and you’ll see the one thing they have in common is they follow a strict routine. 

The question is, what does a daily routines of a successful women in business look like? To give you inspiration, below you’ll discover some great examples of what successful women in business include in their routines.

Start With a Morning Routine

One of the main things that successful women in business have in common, is that they all have a morning routine, as well as afternoon routines, and evening routines. It might not be the exact same routine, but they do have one that they follow religiously. 

Interestingly, you’ll also find that successful women in business tend to wake up earlier than most. It isn’t uncommon for them to start their day anywhere from 3.30am to 5am. This gives them time to carry out their routines and it is also the time they feel most productive. 

Limit Social Media

Another habit successful women in business have in common is that they take regular breaks from social media. In the mornings, they may avoid checking social media, watching television, and checking their emails for at least an hour. they may take time away from it in the evenings instead. Taking breaks from social media does wonders for our mental health. It can also help you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Prioritize Important Tasks First

Successful women in business know how to work smarter. They take care of the important tasks first, ensuring they aren’t as stressed out throughout the day. When you get the important tasks done first, you will feel much more relaxed and more proud of your accomplishments. Read more about this topic in the blog: The Powerful Technique of Goal Setting

Practice Gratitude

A lot of successful women in business regularly practice gratitude. I know what you’re thinking “it’s easy to practice gratitude when you are already successful.” However, these people were also practicing gratitude before they made it big. By focusing on the things that you are grateful for, it creates positivity. This in turn helps to boost productivity, helping you to achieve much more in your day. Journaling is a great way to help express one’s gratitude. Learn more about journalling here.

“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.”

Exercise Daily

Exercise is another key factor to success. When you exercise regularly, it keeps your brain more focused and alert. You’ll have much more energy helping you to deal with whatever your day throws at you. Many people choose to exercise early in the morning to get it out of the way, and to get a great energy boost. 

These are just a few of the things you’ll find included in the daily routines of successful women in business. By looking at how you spend your time, you can figure out what your daily routine should include and you will begin the journey to success, just as the most successful women in business did. 

Two additional activities/habits that I feel should be added come from Limeade*

Look to different industries to develop your own unique business concepts

“My most creative and successful ideas have been formulated by looking at best practices and successful innovations in industries that are totally unrelated to mine. When you’re successful, it’s easy to get complacent. And too often, looking only at your competitors will give you only incremental improvements and perpetuate ‘good enough’ results. By looking outward, you not only draw on your own ingenuity and motivation as a leader, but it also gives you the power to drive key innovations that have the potential to transform your business and leapfrog the competitors, whether they’re traditional or non-traditional.”

–Sue Marks, founder and CEO of Cielo, a global recruitment process outsourcing provider, EY Entrepreneur of the Year and three-time winner of the Working Woman 500 designation

Being a lifelong learner every day

“Education and learning are not just for students, but something to be embraced at every stage of life. As a CEO, I am constantly looking to grow my skill set to not only remain competitive with my peers but also to nurture a sense of personal accomplishment and learning. I believe it’s especially important to step away from your every day and gather new information and skills only tangentially related to your industry… It can be scary learning new things, and sometimes it takes a little push to take that step and open yourself up to try, but learning difficult things can build up confidence and an ability to be at ease with being outside of our comfort zone.”

–Tara Chklovski, CEO of Iridescent, an education nonprofit which partners with leaders from Google, NVIDIA, GM and more to deliver STEM education to underrepresented communities


What would you add to the lis of daily routines of successful women in business? Share in the comments bellow.

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