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Five Unexpected Ways to Make More Sales – Make Customer Engagement Your Top Priority

Make Customer Engagement Your Top Priority

Make Customer Engagement Your Top Priority

People like to be liked. When your customers know they matter, it shifts them from buyers to brand ambassadors. Buying experiences have become more automated and isolating. From self-check-out at brick-and-mortar stores, to abolishing customer service calls, businesses are making it harder and harder for their customers to engage. This creates a wonderful window of opportunity for you. 

Making customer engagement a top priority can lead to building strong and enduring relationships. Since there’s no one perfect way to engage with customers, you can choose the option or options that work best for you. Consider these ideas:  

  • Use social media to its fullest advantage- Social media is an excellent way to boost customer engagement. Daily posts keep your content top of mind in their feed, but there are better ways to use social media platforms to your advantage. 
  • Using tools like groups, live events, asking questions, and collaborations boost your engagement and energizes your community. Be an early adopter of the new features your favourite social media platforms use and they will make sure your content is regularly seen. Join the MAWB Network Facebook Group.
  • Host events on or offline- If you own a brick-and-mortar business, hosting events can boost engagement. Anniversary parties, sip-n-shops, or other events can make shopping special and give people a reason to socialize. You don’t need a building to host an event, online events can be just as engaging and captivating for your audience.  
  • Sponsorships show you care about community- You can engage your literal and metaphorical community by sponsoring sports teams, seminars, or other events. Supplying goods and services, donations, or your time can help you engage your community and help others at the same time. 
  • Celebrate milestones with your customers- Giving your customers a freebie on their birthday or celebrating milestones with them can endear your business to them. Create opportunities for your customers to share their life events with you and take the time to acknowledge them on their special days. 
  • Ask for feedback and referrals- Connecting after the sale is important. Asking for feedback about their experience and referrals for future sales lets people know you care about their experience. 
  • Meet and greet whenever possible- You may not engage with your customers one on one regularly, but you can make a point to meet and greet them from time to time. Work the front counter, run the help desk, host open office hours, and make a point of connecting with them and saying thank you for their business. 

Product development, a streamlined sales funnel, and great customer service are all vital aspects of your business, but boosting customer engagement could be the link to having more sales. The more you make your customers feel valued and appreciated, the more likely they are to buy and encourage others to do the same. 

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