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Cookie Decorating, with Sadaf Khalid Palijo

Sadaf ( is the MAWB’s resident baker. Anyone who has attended a Meetup has probably tried her cakes, which are just beautiful and taste divine. I have ordered cookies from her, decorated for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and her cookies are just as good as her cakes.

Usually iced sugar cookies are piped, but today, because of numbers and for the sake of convenience, we are dipping the cookies in the royal icing instead of using the pipe-and-flood method. In honour of our beautiful assistant, Violet, we are using a purple food colouring in our icing. Sadaf’s tip is to use a gel food colouring for better control and consistency. Using liquid food colouring can actually change the consistency of whatever you’re making.

When you dip your cookies in the icing, press it down firmly and try not to smudge it too much. Lift it straight up, and if you have any bad spots, gently angle and turn the cookie to fill them in. If you have any bubbles, us a pin to pop the bubbles and drag the pin through the icing to spread it around. It’s a good time to add sprinkles while the icing is still wet. It helps them adhere that much better.

We then attempt piping! Sadaf creates some bags with the stiffer icing so we can pipe our names on our cookies. Ugh! Not very successful on my part. Good thing there are no pictures to commemorate my failure. In fact, after I piped my X initial onto my cookies, they kind of melted and morphed into an Olympic-type symbol of a guy swimming, lol!

All the leftover cookies were dipped and sprinkled and aside to dry, so more MAWBsters get to have a little bit of a sweet treat after dinner. Thanks so much for sharing your art with us, Sadaf.

For those of you who haven’t met Sadaf, do yourself a favour and reach out to her for a coffee date. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, very apropos for a baker, and I have had the great fortune of becoming her friend since we met in the MAWB. Sweet dreams, people! I’m saying that because I need a nap. It has been a DAY!

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