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29 Content Ideas for Social Media

Not sure what to post on social media for your business? In this blog post, we’re sharing 29 content ideas for social media in a quick and easy to use downloadable calendar. Anyone, in any industry, can use these29 content ideas for social media posts on any platform.

Here are 3 types of content that we recommend:

  • Personality content is just like it sounds, personal (maintaining professionalism). Interests, tastes, and style. It gives your communities a glimpse into your life. 
  • Purposeful content is the content that helps your community and adds value. (Ex, tips, tutorials, how-to info)
  • Promotional content is what you sell, or anything related directly to your business. Buy, shop, host, join, visit, click, view, subscribe, watch…these are all promotional for your business, and inviting your community to directly engage in your services or buy your products.  Only 20% of the time. Out of 10 posts, only 2 should be promotional

Like planning your business year, it’s also a great idea to create a plan for your social media content. Each month we share a full calendar of social media content ideas for you to use, like this one below.

Social Media Calendar Containing 29 Content Ideas for Social Media

This social media content calendar will help you track important dates in January. You can use this to help you build out your own social media content calendar for the month or as inspiration when you’re unsure of what to post.

Note: The ideas in red are special holidays.

29 Content Ideas for Social Media

Which of these29 Content Ideas for Social Media do you like best? Share in the comments below.

Things to Keep in Mind for a Successful Social Media Post

Remember, your social media posts should:

  1. Be Personable, Authentic
  2. Show Your Personality .You Are The Brand! Read this blog for for more info on this tip.
  3. Use Normal Language – not company lingo or industry jargon
  4. Provide a Solution to Your Audiences Problem 
  5. Be Focused on Benefits ofd your Products and Services, Not Features 
  6. 80 / 20 Rule (For example, in 10 Posts – Only 2 Sales Promotions)
  7. Include a Call To Action (CTA)
  8. Use Relevant Hashtags (Learn more about the 9 types of hashtags and how to use them.)

Consistency Yields More Followers on Social Media

If you want to build an audience of loyal followers on any social media platform, consistency must be a part of your posting strategy. How many times a day you post is your choice and some quick market research will tell you when your target audience is most likely to be online but in my experience the key to success is to post every day.

Read this 👉 blog about how consistency yields you more followers on social media (Facebook).

Here’s the link to our Instagram Follow Train for January ⤵️


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