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10 Topics to Include In Your Real Estate Newsletter

How can you decide what 10 topics to include in your real estate newsletter? There are so many topics related to, or peripheral to real estate, this could actually be a list of 50 Topics and it still wouldn’t be complete!  But, in order to offer value to your clients, you want to have an engaging newsletter they want to read every month (or week, or quarter) to keep you in their mind and relate to you as an expert in your field.  A well-structured newsletter will consist of regular features that appear in every issue which provide relevant information to your readers that they will look for every month, and then new articles on a variety of topics related to home buying and home ownership. These rotating features fit into a certain category but have unlimited scope for content.

Remember when writing your newsletter content, you’re not only sharing your expertise, you’re sharing your personality.  With so many Realtors® in the market, you have to give people a reason to work with you.  Be friendly, engaging, authentic, and approachable.  Infuse your personality and a little bit of humour into your newsletter.  You want to give people a reason to collaborate with you in their home buying/selling process, and if they feel like they know you and trust you, they will reach out to you.  Remember the #1 rule of business networking—people do business with people they Know, Like, and Trust.  Use your newsletter to become that Realtor®!

Regular topics to include in your real estate newsletter:

  1. Local Market Watch featuring properties in a specific neighbourhood or your area of focus—Type of property, days on market, high/low selling prices, new houses on market, etc.
  2. Expanded Market Watch—What is happening on a regional, provincial, or even national level in real estate markets.
  3. Mortgage, Housing, and Finance news—What is happening with rates, how it is affecting housing markets, what is the economy like overall.
  4. Property Spotlight—Highlight an upcoming property, a hot property, or something that has some unique features.
  5. Testimonials—The best advertising is a satisfied client, talking about you in their own words.

Rotating topics to include in your real estate newsletter:

  1. Curated Posts—Find a blog post from another source that addresses a particularly relevant topic in the current real estate landscape.  Curated Social has blog posts specifically for Realtors®. 
  2. Checklists—There is a plethora of topics that can be covered by a checklist: seasonal outdoor prep (winter, summer, garden, lawn, pool, holiday decor, etc.), indoor chore lists (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly), decorating, party prep, etc.  If you have ever made a list for anything, you can bet someone will find it useful! Creating your own branded checklists is a great marketing idea.  We love using Canva to create branded graphics and RIPL to create quick & easy videos. 
  3. Guest Blog Posts—Guest bloggers provide fresh content with a fresh voice, you give each other credibility by sharing content on your respective websites, and you provide information on a topic that, while related to being a Reatlor®, is not necessarily within your field of expertise. As an added bonus, this is something that will help improve your website’s SEO, too!  
  4. Contractor Spotlight—Share and highlight the experts within your network. You can provide a bio of the contractor, a customer testimonial of them, interview them about their business, or have them write a small feature on their field of expertise. You can return to the individuals in your network multiple times for new content. These networking partners can include mortgage professionals, designers, landscapers, builders, plumbers, electricians, etc.
  5. Home Trends—What is trending in design, decorating, housing, neighbourhoods, urban planning, or municipal development.

Newsletter Template Designs

Canva has many template designs that you can access and use for free. If you have never used Canva, it is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. You can use it to create newsletters, social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more!! Here are some design samples:

Screen Shot 2022 08 02 at 3.03.36 PM 1

Screen Shot 2022 08 02 at 3.21.11 PM
Screen Shot 2022 08 02 at 3.23.31 PM 1

Screen Shot 2022 08 02 at 3.11.36 PM
Free Canva Real Estate Newsletter Templates

If you’re a Realtor®, do you issue a newsletter?  What are topics you like to include in your content?  Share your ideas with us in the comments.  

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